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A comprehensive guide to Hindu Culture

We are all spiritual beings in temporal bodies. Finding this true nature of ours is life's journey. The Hindu way, Sanathana Dharma, makes this search joyful and celebratory. Come, let's discover the fun of festivals and the grandeur of Sanaatana Dharma. HinduMoon brings a unique range of wonderful resources that bring alive ancient Hindu traditions, festivals and practices for modern families through books, videos and e-books

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Hindu tradition has a whole year of festivals, vibrant, colorful and joyous--to celebrate them wonderfully, you must Follow the Hindu Moon
follow the hindu moon book

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The only comprehensive guide to south Indian festival celebration.
Soumya Aravind Sitaraman's

monumantal tome, is a must in every home.
Practical, thorough and delightful, this two volume set
applauded as a 
"thesis in social and cultural Anthropology" provides a setp-by-step guide for a happy festival celebration.

It is the perfect gift for the family that will be treasured for generations to come.

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HinduMoon brings you the wonderful video series, "Let's Celebrate! Follow the Hindu Moon" where you can learn from experts how to make the perfect festival food, draw beautiful kolam/rangoli patterns, and more. Pick from a huge selection of wonderful, entertaining and informative videos to make your festival celebrations perfect!
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You can also explore the deeper aspects of Hindu philosophy through general and technical lectures by preeminent Sanskrit scholars and experts and glean nuggets from the Veda and Smritis on various topics like Sandhya Vandanam, women, education, health, powerful chants and their results, expositions on various upanishads, and the technicalities of chanting.

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Follow and Celebrate each Hindu festival with these wonderful how-to guides. Know the festival dates, read-aloud stories to children, check out the shopping and preparation lists, understand the pooja requirements, prepare festoons and decorations and perform the pooja for each festival.
Ganesh Chaturti e-book

Additional e-book resources and DVD's provide foolproof festival-specific recipes that will make your celebration a stree-free occassion and a tremendous success.

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